Sbeitla (Sufetula)

The Roman site at Sbeitla (Sufetula) lies just outside the modern town, on a flat plain.  Though scenically not as striking as Dougga, the site is also well worth visiting and include some excellent Christian remains. Look out for:


  • The olive press with its huge grinding stones: parts of the press are still in good condition and olives were a true foundation of the city and its wealth.

  • The well preserved baths: the most impressive are the Great Baths dating back to the 3rd century and consisting of two sections: warm and cold baths.

  • The Church of St Serverus: being originally a Numidian temple and was converted into baptisity, where after the body of the church and an apse was built around it.

  • The Forum: a 2nd century complex with temples to Juno Jupiter and Minerva.