Chemtou (Simitthus)

On a hillside 20 kilometres from Jendouba is the site of Chemtou, famous throughout the Roman Empire for its marble.

The Museum includes

  • The Geology Room with rock samples and explanations of the geology of the area
  • The Marble Room with explanations of the excavation work
  • The Numidian Room with carvings and funerary pieces, some dating from 148 BC
  • The Roman Chemtou Room with samples of a hoard of
    gold coins.

The Site itself includes:

  • Marble Quarries: ancient Simitthus is famous of its quarries of yellow and pink marble looking impressive with the smooth marble walls diving straight down.

  • The Prison Camps: they are for up 20,000. These were the men working in the quarries.


  • A Hilltop Altar: the Roman temple was originally a Numidian altar made up from cut stones. Only few things telling about function: the staricase and the storage chambers.

  • A Theatre: most of its grandstand steps are destroyed over time, yet some of the ramps leading down to the underground sections are well- preserved.