Oudhna (Uthina)

The ancient site of Oudhna (Uthina) lies at about 30 kms south of the capital, on the road to Zaghouan. Its location between Tunis and Hammamet makes it a great tourist attraction.Oudhna may very well become a great tourist attraction some time in the future. Oudhna is unmissable.

Worth visiting:

  • The Amphitheatre:  Oudhna's amphitheatre is impressive. It is largely sunken into a hill and is partially reconstructed and could seat as much as 10,000 spectators.

  • The Forum & the Capitol: the main focus after the amphitheatre is the forum, with its capitol, finest mosaics and impressive underground vaults dating back to the Byzantine era. 

  • The Great Baths: are reported to be very impressive underground structures. Locals have named this part "Bat Tunnel" from the many bats living here before.

  • The Roman Aqueducts: 6 km from Oudhna, on the road between Mhammedia and El Fahs stand some of the finest Roman aqueducts in Tunisia once carrying water from Zaghouan to Carthage.